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About Us

- Adryan Moorefield, Co-creator, Author -

Adryan, founder of A Colorful Me, has spent the last fifteen years educating and shaping the lives of young artists around the world. As an author, he hopes that young African American children will see themselves in his work and grow up being able to express themselves completely; knowing that they already possess everything that they could possibly need.

- TJ Perry, Co-creator -

For the last decade, TJ has spent his time creating media with people in mind. With an intense passion for helping people, he believes that it is his responsibility to use the many gifts he has as a vehicle for positive change within our community. 

- Naira Tangamyan, Illustrator -

With over a decade of experience creating and illustrating designs for various children's books, Naira loves seeing her client's vision come to life. Her attention to detail and joy of illustrating has brought her here.

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