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About Hey There Series

The 'Hey There' Series of books were created to help Black children actively see themselves in literature.  We hope to give black children the opportunity to dream again. To know that with imagination, determination, skill, and support, they will possess the tools to go as far as they want in this life. These books will show them the way.

About HTS
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This book is AMAZING!! It will help your son to understand that it's okay to have certain feelings. It will empower him and help him to know & feel that he is More Than Enough!

Pamela Washington, Educator, Grandma

I loved reading this book! It reminded me of things my mom has said, especially about words meaning things. You can't get your words back, like you can't put toothpaste back in the tube, so be careful with what you say. You have to take a deep breath, and exhale. Think about speaking the way you want someone to speak to you.

Hey There Little Black Boy is a book I'm very grateful for as a father. Having something like this to share with my son is amazing. It will provide him with timeless reminders of how great, unique, and special he is. It incorporates affirmations and positivity that I truly hope young children, of all backgrounds, will not just read, but will believe about themselves and those around them.

Jiyah Williams, 9 yrs old, Daughter

Rashad Carter, IT professional, Father

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Cassie and Cameron
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